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Level The Field by Kemp Anderson

A compass is a device used to determine direction. At Kemp Anderson Consulting, we bring direction to the acquisition process. Most people build and sell one business in their lifetime. As a result, most people do not have experience in Mergers & Acquisitions. We can help. We know and understand the process well.




Selling & Divestiture Support

Based on the size of the enterprise, we will construct your M&A team with the best members.


We’ll help you go to market with the proper expectations – whether buying or selling.

Acquisition Support

We find the right seller’s and represent your company through the acquisition process of M&A growth.

Raising Capital

We’ll help you secure the appropriate financing to fund growth or refinance debt.

Financial Consulting

We’ll help you get your financial house in order to meet your business objectives.


Wealth Management

We can assist in supporting our clients post transaction wealth management needs.

Kemp Anderson, Merger and Acquisition Services




Sal Yanello

Sal Yanello

Past Owner, Hometown Pest Control

“I was an expert at running a pest control company…I’m so glad that I hired an expert to help me sell our business.  Kemp’s expertise was invaluable during Hometown’s acquisition to Terminix. He helped us prepare for the sale, walked us through the entire process and negotiated for the things that mattered most to my family.  I am so grateful for his expertise and guidance throughout this process; he’s an invaluable asset to have on your team if you’re planning to sell.”

Chuck Steinmetz

Chuck Steinmetz

A leader in the pest control industry for more than 40 years, Mr. Steinmetz is the former Chairman of All America Termite and Pest Control, Entrepreneur of the Year in 1992 by Inc. Magazine for the Southeast service category, PCT Professional of the Year in 1996, and 2002 Pioneer Award winner from the Florida Pest Management Association.

Happy to recommend Kemp Anderson.  He is completely experienced, totally honest and hard working. Kind of man that gets it done and supports the organization.

Great team player.

Andrew Richardson, CEO at Edge Pest Control and eNex Solutions

Andrew Richardson

CEO at Edge Pest Control and eNex Solutions

Andrew’s LinkedIn Profile

There are a lot of people that talk the talk out there…Kemp actually walks the walk.

I contacted him a year ago, and he has delivered on everything he said. He has helped us in our M&A efforts, from valuation to funding. He is very good at what he does and I would recommend him as a person and as someone who is very skilled at what he does. In addition to handling his business, he does it in a way that I can now call him a friend. You can trust him…I do.

Kemp has been a pleasure to work with.

Brian Kura, Scott's

Brian Kura

Past President of Scotts Miracle-Gro and Scotts Lawn Service. Current SVP Harvest Consumer Products at Harvest Power, Inc.

Kemp successfully negotiated the first acquisition for Scott’s Lawn Service of a Pest Control company, as well as successfully expanded our Pest Control business by rolling out Mosquito control across Florida and to many other states in our footprint, delivering millions in revenue and profit. Kemp has a proven track record in M&A, Operations, Sales, Business Development and as an Owner Operator. I highly recommend Kemp in all of these areas.

Christopher J Fox, Meridian Strategic Consulting

Christopher J Fox

Strategy and Corporate Development Consultant

I collaborated with Kemp to build the case for an adjacent market entry strategy. Kemp brought exceptional market and business development experience to this initiative, which he applied with the right mix of both passion and pragmatism. His open and engaging style makes Kemp a pleasure to work with.

Mark Wilhelmi, Scott's

Mark Wilhelmi

Retired President of Scotts Lawn Service at The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

During Kemp’s time at Scotts Lawn Service I had the pleasure of both working with him as COO and later having him work for me as President of Scotts Lawn Service. Kemps broad experience within the Pest Control Industry as well as his leadership skills were key in helping us enhance and expand our Pest Control Business within Scotts Lawn Service. His knowledge and reputation within the Pest Control Industry was also instrumental in helping us successfully negotiate our first acquisition within the Pest Control space. I would highly recommend Kemp for Acquisition Consulting or a Leadership role within any business especially one within the Pest Control industry.

Greg Clendenin, Heron Home and Outdoor

Greg Clendenin

CEO Heron Home and Outdoor, Past Division President of Orkin, Past President of Middleton Lawn & Pest Control, Past VP Operations of Sears Termite & Pest Control

Kemp has handled the negotiations and closings for over 24 acquisitions for my companies. This included guiding the seller through the due diligence process. Kemp’s people skills were excellent and that is a major factor in successfully getting acquisitions to the closing table. After closing, he was a key player in the integration of the acquired company. One reason for Kemp’s success in acquiring companies is his knowledge and skills as an operator. First class. A very capable leader.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 8.36.18 PM

Gary R Maschmidt

Past Owner, Gary’s Quality Pest Control

“I reached out to Tim Hulett and he referred me to Kemp Anderson….I did not know at the time, but the referral was going to change my life. Kemp’s knowledge of the industry is unsurpassed….He will work tirelessly on your behalf…I got two things out of this sale. One was an incredible deal put together by Kemp…The second was a friend for life”



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