Kemp Anderson understands divestitureAre you planning to sell your business? There is a clear process to success. From planning and organizing your financials, identifying the right “multiple” buyers, Non-Disclosure Agreements, proper & professional presentation of your business, negotiation of Letter of Intent & Terms of Agreement, clarity in due diligence, clarity in schedules & exhibits, and to transaction closure.

Based on the size of the enterprise, we can help construct your M&A team with the right and experienced CPAs, M&A attorneys, and anyone else needed to support success.

We will drive all aspects to a successful transaction for you, your family, and team.



Kemp Anderson corporate acquisition supportIs you enterprise planning growth through acquisition? We can help. We will assist in driving sellers to you. Through a multi-pronged approach, we find the right seller (or sellers) and represent your company through the acquisition process of M&A growth.



Kemp Anderson helps with company valuationHow much is your company worth? How much wealth should you expect when you sell? Thinking of buying; how much should you pay? We have valuation models and experience. We can help you go to market with the proper expectations when you are selling or work with institutions when buying.



Kemp Anders help with financial consultationWish your business was just a little more financially sound? Preparing to sell, or perhaps considering looking for Lines of Credit (LOC) so you can acquire? We can help. We will look at historical Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Tax Returns and we will help you get your financial house in order to meet your business objectives.



Kemp Anderson can help raise capitalKemp Anderson Consulting will help you secure the appropriate financing to fund growth or refinance debt. Proper capitalization is critical to growth. We help you build the proper strategic plans and get the appropriate amount of capital with the capital structure to support the strategic objectives. Kemp Anderson Consulting will bring credibility and serious long term relationships to fulfill our client’s needs.



Kemp Anderson helps with wealth managementWe can assist in supporting our client’s post transaction wealth management needs with referrals to an 80 year old global financial services firm and a market leader in securities, asset management and credit services.