WINTER PARK, Fla. — Veteran industry professional, Kemp Anderson, president of Kemp Anderson Consulting, announced the publication of “Level the Field!” The book can be purchased from his website.

Anderson’s book is an updated and revised version of “Level the Field!” — originally authored by pest control industry consultant Pam Jordan Wolf in the 1990s. Anderson acquired the publishing rights and revised it with updates and insights from his own unique perspective of more 20-plus years working in the pest control industry.

“The goal [of the original version] was to help pest control owners understand the acquisition process and get the best price for their business,” Anderson said. “The intent is still there. However, much has changed in our industry over the past 20-plus years.”

“Level the Field!” reviews the social, economic and political changes of the market and how interest rates and the technology can affect your big sale.

“Twenty years ago, most pest control owners operated with whiteboards and hand-written invoices; they could provide buyers only a small portion of the financial and customer data needed that dramatically impacted the final selling cost of their business,” Anderson said. “Today, during the selling process, large amounts of seller’s data can be exchanged electronically.”

Just as today’s pest control companies operate much differently, the M&A world has also changed. Acquisitions are cloaked in sophisticated models and confusing acronyms, and to a veteran business owner that world can be intimidating. Owners who can’t keep up with the stockholders and international players are sure to get a lower price for their business. Anderson’s book will walk owners through the world of M&A so they are well prepared and confident.

Anderson has 22 years inside the pest control industry. At his consulting firm, he gives his expertise on M&A strategy and implementation, due diligence when buying, selling or investing in any business as well as transaction negotiation, to name a few. Previously, Anderson was the vice president of business development for Scotts Lawn Service. He was also director of acquisitions for Rollins Inc.