BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – Clark Pest Control announced it is acquiring Oxley Pest Control, a pest management provider based in Bakersfield, Calif.

Clark Pest Control will bring Oxley Pest Control’s 11 full-time employees onboard its Bakersfield service center, and will add Oxley’s loyal customers to the Bakersfield branch’s customer base. Oxley Pest Control was established in 1994 by David and Terry Oxley to provide service to residential and commercial customers in Bakersfield, Kern County, and surrounding areas

“We have come to a new chapter in our lives,” said company founder David Oxley, “and felt it was time to merge with another organization that would reflect the values we believe in. We reviewed many options and feel we have picked the option that will continue to serve our residential and commercial customers the best. Clark strives for the same high standards that we believe in. Making this change will also expand the services that will be available for our customers and employees.”

Kemp Anderson Consulting represented Oxley Pest Control in this transaction.