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COVID, M&A and Pest Control

COVID, M&A and Pest Control COVID-19 remains a global health and economic crisis. How is our industry affected by PPP loans, corporate tax rates, interest rates, inflation and more? Do you wear a mask? Do you require that your

Preparing to Sell

Preparing to Sell Mergers & Acquisitions Supplement - Mergers & Acquisitions Supplement By: Kemp Anderson January 12, 2021 Tips on how pest management firms can survive and thrive in the era of COVID-19 (regardless of when it will end).

10 Tips for Preparing to Sell your Business

January 8, 2019 As a pest control business owner, you typically start the business from the ground up. You secure a truck, some needed equipment, materials and supplies, and along the way, you build the business... There are an estimated

Dr. Faith Oi, 2018 Crown Leadership Award recipient

October 10, 2018 Dr. Faith Oi: Crown Leadership Awards Recipient, Sponsored By Syngenta Faith Oi isn’t just the brains behind the science; she’s the bridge between ‘AHA!’ and ‘Hey, this stuff really works!’ An associate extension scientist at the University of

Always Tell The Whole Truth

Editor’s note: What follows is an excerpt from “Level the Field!” by Kemp Anderson. The book is an updated version of Pam Jordan Wolf’s classic pest management M&A book and features the tagline “Bringing direction to the acquisition process.” Previously,

Mergers: What’s the ‘intent’ of the deal?

Most owners sell one business in their lifetime. But selling a business is very different from selling anything else you may own. To maximize the sale, the seller should understand the process of a sale or transaction. Sellers typically start

Globalization of the Pest Control Industry

With 19,500 of the global pest control industry’s 40,000 operators doing business in the United States, international pest control companies are setting their sights on North America and getting involved in the action through mergers and acquisitions. Kemp Anderson, who

New Book Helps PCOs Navigate the World of M&A

For PCT’s April 2007 cover story, we chose the headline “The British Are Coming” for an article that explored the impact of UK-based Rentokil’s purchase of Reading, Pa.-based J.C. Ehrlich, which at the time was the fourth largest pest control

New Book Helps PCOs Navigate the World of M&A

WINTER PARK, Fla. — Veteran industry professional, Kemp Anderson, president of Kemp Anderson Consulting, announced the publication of “Level the Field!” The book can be purchased from his website. Anderson’s book is an updated and revised version of “Level the

Revenue Is One Thing… Profit Is Another

Everybody wants a healthy influx of business. When you’re generating revenues hand over fist, it feels good — like your business is thriving. But of course there’s another dimension to this financial activity: profit. How much of your company’s revenues

Trans-ACTION of the Year

As president of Action Pest Control, Kevin Pass possessed all the traits of a classic entrepreneur — tenacity, risk-taking, innovativeness, etc. — but perhaps the greatest reason for Pass’ and his company’s success was his ability to inspire others to


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